Expert Witness

Inevitably, some claims will require expert attention due to their complexity; a professional is needed to evaluate and explain the nuances of the situation.  Often firms engage in a “battle of the experts,” with each side’s expert supporting the theory of his or her employer.  Don’t engage the services of someone who will merely support your client’s position with cursory opinions. Instead, let Juno Claims’ experienced, expert staff evaluate the facts and communicate persuasively why your client is deserving of more.

Whether you require an expert for a report, a deposition, or in-court testimony, Juno Claims can provide your firm with an expert understanding and analysis of the contended circumstance.

We provide experts, including…

  • Contractors
  • CPAs
  • Appraisers
  • Engineers
  • Registered Nurse

Your opponent will undoubtedly dedicate all available resources to the claim. Shouldn’t your client be entitled to the same? Contact Juno Claims to learn more about how our services can help you and your client recover.