About JUNO

Our business

Juno Claims, LLC was founded in 2009 to provide unparalleled service to law firms by organizing their client base in mass litigation through the use of database software and a professional compassionate staff trained to understand the specific needs of clients that have been traumatized by natural or man-made disasters.
Juno Claims began operations as the BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe developed in the Gulf of Mexico. Juno Claims quickly became the premier claims valuation service provider. To address a diverse client base, Juno Claims swiftly mobilized staffing resources, evaluated supporting documents, and analyzed business revenue losses thoroughly.
Juno Claims is staffed by accountants, database designers, programmers, and experienced professionals with proven experience in the insurance industry. Juno Claims can deploy teams of managers and adjusters, and estimators following any natural or man-made catastrophe. Our primary focus is to accomplish the goal of closing thousands of lawsuits efficiently and promptly, however Juno Claims has further expanded beyond Mass/Action claims into Estimating, Accounting, Medicare Set-Aside Allocations, Government Contracting, Database Design, and General Consulting.